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An Experienced Drug Crime Lawyer to Fight Your Case

Drug crimes can carry a variety of penalties based on the nature of the crime, including the type and amount of drug. At Owens Criminal Defense, we represent clients who have been accused or charged with drug crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. Retaining the counsel of a drug crime lawyer as soon as possible can help you understand your case, protect your rights and secure your best chance for a positive outcome in the case.

Why You May Be Arrested for a Drug Crime and Potential Punishments

You don’t have to be in possession of an illegal drug to be arrested for a drug crime. Legal substances obtained or used illegally can also be grounds for a drug charge, such as prescription medication. You may be charged with:

You may also be charged with manufacture of a drug or for possessing drug paraphernalia. The amount of drugs you are caught with will influence your sentencing and can carry punishments of jail time, fines, community service and prison time.

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Prosecutors fight with the weight of the state behind them. They are driven to prosecute. Our team is driven by our clients and their unique lives. Each has a family and a life to protect. We understand and empathize. We are on your side. We will fight the prosecution to the end- We are your fearless advocate.

Our strategy is to seize the initiative from the start, and never relent. What this means for you is that we will demand the government comply with the rules of criminal procedure and respect your constitutional rights. When the government fails to do so, we will file motions and put the government’s non-compliance before a judge. This strategy is what we call aggressive defense. This strategy over the years has proven to keep the government on the defensive and yields extremely favorable results.

We approach each case as if it is going to proceed to trial. This means we investigate the case fully and thoroughly to find all of the errors in the police reports. This is essential to developing our defensive theory. We will visit the alleged crime scene, speak with witnesses, research case law and statutes, file motions and argue the motions to a judge. It is through this process that we develop our theory of the case.

We are skilled and relentless trial attorneys. We have tried dozens of cases to a jury, including several murder cases. We have won Not Guilty verdicts, including Not Guilty in a murder trial where we used a self-defense theory. We will be prepared and ready for war should your case proceed to trial.

Please call us for a free consultation. We travel and fight in all courts. You will speak directly with our lead a attorney, not a legal assistant. We will discuss potential defenses to your case and we will describe how we can work together to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.