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 by David

Mr. Owens had a great strategy from the start but was not afraid to make adjustments along the way. Great work!!! Great Attorney!!

 by Ryan

I was charged with a felony and after hiring Bryan he really took the stress away that I was dealing with. He allowed me to make payments and was very professional. My charge was dismissed after he found many infractions performed by the police . I recommend Bryan to anyone facing criminal charges.

 by Lisa

Thankfully I have never needed a defense attorney but if I ever do, I will not hesitate to call Mr. Owens. I have known Bryan for over two years and have found him to be a man of his word, very respectful and hardworking. I would confidently recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of any sort of criminal defense.

 by Cameron

We hired Brian to help guide us through various documents and setting up our LLC Brian was extremely professional he meet all timelines We sat for him I would highly recommend Brian

 by Ron

As noted below I have used Attorney Owens in the past and I recognize he specializes in criminal matters, but my association with him was regarding a business partnership and a real estate transaction. Because I was leaving town soon I had to meet him at the courthouse where he was representing a criminal client. While waiting I sat in the courtroom as I had never seen a real life criminal trial only the ones on TV. I came away from that experience with two thoughts, I hope I never have to face a criminal trial, but if I did he would be the one I would want advocating for me. I found out afterwards that his client was found innocent.

I am a business owner and real estate investor who relies on attorneys to protect my interests and represent me when there are unforeseen complications. There are two main considerations when I evaluate an attorney. The first and most obvious one is competence. On that score Bryan Owens exceeded my expectations on both matters I referred to him. The second measure that I gauge an attorney on is by is communication and accessibility. Bryan has kept me abreast of developments often before I contacted him. I have used attorneys in four different states and the norm seems to be that I end up having to leave multiple phone, text and emails before I get a response. That is frustrating and time-consuming; Bryan is a breath of fresh air with his penchant for keeping a client up to date and in the know.

A bonus is that he is very easy to talk to and is quick to grasp what is at issue. I have absolutely no qualms about recommending him to anyone seeking first-rate legal advice and representation.

 by Tyler

I hired Mr. Owen when I got a DUI. My DUI was at a license check. Mr Owens challenged the check point and said it was illegal. When we went to court it was dropped bc he did his research. I just knew I was gonna lose my job if he didnt when my case. I'm very happy I chose him!

 by Robert

Bryan helped me with a problem involving false claims for an old Zombie debut. He worked quickly and always kept me informed of all the actions he needed to take to resolve the issue in my favor. I’m happy to say he knows what he is doing and does what he says. The Clames were removed and I owed them nothing.

 by John

Mr. Owens has been able to answer many legal questions for me that I had and is very knowledgeable in his field! He is a stand-up man and a good American.

 by Anonymous

Having consulted with Mr. Owens on several legal issues I discovered him very knowledgeable on a verity of legalities in both Florida and Georgia.

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Prosecutors fight with the weight of the state behind them. They are driven to prosecute. Our team is driven by our clients and their unique lives. Each has a family and a life to protect. We understand and empathize. We are on your side. We will fight the prosecution to the end- We are your fearless advocate.

Our strategy is to seize the initiative from the start, and never relent. What this means for you is that we will demand the government comply with the rules of criminal procedure and respect your constitutional rights. When the government fails to do so, we will file motions and put the government’s non-compliance before a judge. This strategy is what we call aggressive defense. This strategy over the years has proven to keep the government on the defensive and yields extremely favorable results.

We approach each case as if it is going to proceed to trial. This means we investigate the case fully and thoroughly to find all of the errors in the police reports. This is essential to developing our defensive theory. We will visit the alleged crime scene, speak with witnesses, research case law and statutes, file motions and argue the motions to a judge. It is through this process that we develop our theory of the case.

We are skilled and relentless trial attorneys. We have tried dozens of cases to a jury, including several murder cases. We have won Not Guilty verdicts, including Not Guilty in a murder trial where we used a self-defense theory. We will be prepared and ready for war should your case proceed to trial.

Please call us for a free consultation. We travel and fight in all courts. You will speak directly with our lead a attorney, not a legal assistant. We will discuss potential defenses to your case and we will describe how we can work together to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.